• Posted by Grete
    The flute arrive to Chiryu post office this morning! Super fast!!
    It arrived undamaged and in good shape. Even the box looked good in spite of the long journey.
  • Posted by Alex
    I am very, very satisfied with my STL green / blue ceramic max range double pendant ocarina.

    Once I figured out how to handle the fingering (it's two separate six-hole pendant English style ocarinas), I was away and learning to pick out tunes from Happy Birthday, to London's Burning, to Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms. By ear.

    I've had practically zero experience of playing musical instruments in the past, but this ocarina is like a professional instrument that's simple enough for a newcomer to learn.

    Thank you.
  • Posted by Jaroslav
    Just wanted to thank you for your prompt response and let you know that I have now received my shakuhachi!
    I am extremely happy with my purchase and I am blown away (no pun intended) by how great the flute is considering its very modest price!

    Looking forward to shopping with you again in the future!
  • Posted by Ken
    just received my first flute from your shop and i have to say i'm impressed. it came in well packed, accompanied by an instructional booklet and even a dvd. the flute was in excellent condition and sounded great from the first breath. highly recommended!
  • Posted by philippa
    Thank you so much for my new flute. I love it. The sound is so calming (Condor .

    The service was great and also there are so many good videos on Youtube from H.S.

    When I am ready for another flute I will be coming right back here.
  • Posted by Zenji
    I've recently ordered a bamboo Shakuhachi in D from you guys, I just wanted to let you know that it sounds fantastic and I play it every day with great joy. I'm getting better at making my musical poetry day by day!
  • Posted by Alex Greene
    I received mine yesterday. It's beautiful.
    Now I'm going to need the tabs to work out the scales.
  • Posted by Danny
    After contacting the Fluteshop support to ask if you still ship internationally in these times, I quickly received a confirming mail, ensuring me that there are no problems. Lo and behold, 3 days later the package containing my new High Spirits flute arrived at my home in perfect condition! I was a little worried but thank you guys for coming through!
  • Posted by Ekaterina
    I just want to let you know, that I finally got it!
    Everything looks perfect as expected and was delivered safe and sound.
    Thank you very much for your help!

    Best regards,
  • Posted by Alexa Sandulea
    My dizi flute arrived two days ago, safe and sound, and I want to thank you for making my wish come true! I have to practice a lot, but I enjoy every moment.
    Best wishes from Romania!
  • Posted by Uberto Malaguti
    Thank you for your great service, I received my new flute and it's just lovely, it sound beautiful, I recommend this page to everyone.
  • Posted by John

    Just wanted to let you know the flute has arrived. What a fantastic instrument.

    Thank you

    All the best

  • Posted by Andrea
    I just want to say that the flute has arrived yesterday. And: I actually can cope with it despite my really small hands. Even the pinky is no problem.
  • Posted by Kaylee
    Thank you so much for the kind and helpful responses to all my questions. I was able to make a choice based on your advice, and now that I've received my flute I know I made the right one. It's a beautiful sounding instrument. I'm excited for the journey ahead!
  • Posted by Thomas
    Finally managed to save up enough for Erik the Flutemaker's Egyptian flute, placed my order and 2 days later a beautiful long parcel arrived at my door. I've just unpacked the box and the flute looks beautiful, I can get a few notes out but it's going to take some practice to make it sound beautiful. It's going to be a journey!
  • Posted by Javier
    My tin whistle arrived in perfect condition, and it plays smooth as i've never experienced before! Very happy with the purchase, highly recommended!
  • Posted by Swaraj
    Enjoying my flutes, cant wait to get lower bass flutes!
  • Posted by Alex
    My Xiao came this morning! Package was little beat up from the transit but Xiao is intact and great shape! NO CRACKS and I managed to get my first tones from it so I am really happy! Excellent site and great prices!
  • Posted by Dina
    I ordered a bunch of your flutes for the family and we couldn't be happier with them! Especially the Native American flutes are beautiful! Definitely coming back for more in the near future.
  • Posted by Jon
    Fantastic service boys, really glad my flute was delivered so quickly i was able to get it a few days before xmas.
  • Posted by ingrid
    Another High Spirit flute has arrived and it is just as beautiful as my previous one!
    The first one was a D and now a F#. They are addictive! They sound wonderful!!
    I'm extremely happy with the flutes and the service from the fluteshop!!
    I'll be back for more!
    Ingrid in France
  • Posted by Nana
    After I received my order I contacted the support team because there was an accessory missing in the parcel. They got back to me really quickly and assured me that they'd send it over right away. The missing item came in 2 days later, everything's prefect now!
  • Posted by Alexander
    thank you for the beautiful flute
  • Posted by Ken Kaniff
    Today I got my flute in the mail! It's simply a wonderful instrument. I'm talking about Erik the Flutemaker's Oriental flute. It's going to take me a while to get used to the transverse style of playing, but oh boy am i having fun with it!!
  • Posted by Jake
    just wanted to say thanks for all the detailed answers to my questions which led me to order your shakuhachi flutes. the bamboo one in D is really amazing, i've been having a great time with it seeing myself improve over time! it is a challenging instrument but it feels really rewarding being able to play in both octaves now.
  • Posted by Zoran
    My collection of tin whistles is taking nice shape got most of them from you guys, and have to say the service thus far has been excellent. Shipping has been reliable to Croatia, and all the whistles arrived safely. Thank you for the care.
  • Posted by Kenneth
    Just received my beautiful Stellar Flute in the key of F#! The instructions are very clear and easy to follow, and I can get a pretty decent sound out of it already! Now on to becoming a master!
  • Posted by Andy
    I was sent here by Erik the Flutemaker himself to be able to get his instruments without the high shipping and import costs that come with order from his own store in America.

    I can confirm that I did not have to pay any kind of extra costs upon receiving the parcel!
  • Posted by keith
    i highly recommend this seller - fast communication, speedy shipping and the High Spirits flute I received is simply stunning!! the wood is really beautiful, i didn't expect it to look and sound this good in real life! thank you and bless you
  • Posted by Jamal
    the last week i got my native american flute from high spirits - wow!!!! i am amazed at how it sounds and how good it feels in my hands, the flute is really finished nicely and it is such a joy to play
  • Posted by Luis
    Really happy with my order, arrived in just one week to Spain and staff was really kind to me by email. Definitely great shop to buy STL Ocarinas
  • Posted by Maxim
    Thank you for making High Spirits flutes available in Europe in reasonable prices. It would have been very expensive to order a single flute from USA. I'm very happy about my new flute!
  • Posted by Scott Cooper
    I brought flute from this shop second time and seller always nice and gave me a good advice. Thank you very much.
  • Posted by Britney
    Thank you very much for awesome flute!! fantastic service and fast shipping.
  • Posted by Leszek
    Thank you very much for the successful transaction. The instrument arrived in perfect condition. Professional, fast shipping. I highly recommend this store.
  • Posted by Linda
    After receiving my High Spirits flute I noticed the instructional DVD was missing. I emailed fluteshop and minutes later received a reply where they apologized for the missing DVD and promised to send it to me the same day. A few days later the DVD arrived and I was able to start my journey on this beautiful flute! Thank you so much for quickly following up on this problem!
  • Posted by Jan
    I have ordered a Thai flute here a long time ago, I am still very bad at playing it. Recently I have ordered a Native American flute from Fluteshop and was suprised at how easy it is! It sounded beautiful the day I got it!! I would highly recommend this type of flute for people without musical experience
  • Posted by Levi
    I ordered my native flute on monday and it already arrived 2 days later in France! I must say it is beautifully made and it sounds just as good as it looks! I will be playing this with joy for many years to come, so I want to say thank you for the quick service and sending me this beautiful flute!
  • Posted by Jorrit Kleiss
    I bought the STL Elvish Ocarina, very prompt delivery I was stunned :O Amazing service as well! I'll definately return here when I am in need of new material.
  • Posted by Mel

    Recently I have purchased a Dizi flute and ever since it has arrived I've been playing it to my great delight! The tone is beautiful and so much different from the western flutes! Thank you for providing it!

  • Posted by Elena
    Dear Fluteshop

    The flute arrived yesterday. It is beautiful and thanks to your leaflet I can produce some sounds.
    Thank you very much.
    All the best.

  • Posted by Rick
    i love your flutes! last year i ordered the shakuhachi and today i received the two ocarinas from STL that i ordered earlier this week. i can't wait to get better at playing them
  • Posted by James
    Thank you very much for your answers on the email. They've been really helpful to me in deciding which flute in which key to choose. I'm very satisfied with the instrument that you've sent me!
  • Posted by Dave
    I've just received my Oriental Flute and it sounds fantastic! Fortunately it's not as hard to blow as I thought it might be. I can feel my tone improve by the minute! Very happy to play this beautiful flute
  • Posted by Sergio
    I just wanted to say that I'm very pleased with your High Spirits flutes. I have ordered 2 of them in the past 6 months and I've been playing them every day. I love to improvise on them while my friend plays along on her Native American flute!
  • Posted by Amandine
    Je viens de recevoir ma flute High spirits, elle a été expédié en excellent état, elle est magnifique et a un son incroyable
  • Posted by Jazz
    amazing service here from fluteshop!! i received a reply to my email only within minutes after sending it which helped me pick the right flute! it sounds beautiful!!!
  • Posted by Lilith
    Thanks very much for the quick reply on my emails and for sending me the flute so quickly, I'm very happy with it. It has a beautiful warm tone and it feels good to get the sound out of it! I'm talking about the Soundscape Native American Flute in F#!
  • Posted by Dirk Heinemeier
    Ich sage vielen Dank für die tolle Indianerflöte. Sie ist vom Klang und aussehen
    echt super!!!! Ich bin richtig glücklich. Danke nochmal!
  • Posted by Silvia
    I would like to thanked you very much for the flute!! It arrived a few days ago and it is beautiful. It will be given as a gift for a special person who always wanted to have and play a traverse flute. It will make him extremely happy.
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