Clarke Sweetone Tin Whistle (D / C)

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The 'Clarke Sweetone' tin whistle is known for its excellent quality for a very fair price. It requires very little air to blow this tin whistle. It is available in the key of D major, and in four different colors.

At the bottom of the page you will find more information about in which keys you can play on each whistle.

How to play this tin whistle?

  • Blow into the mouthpiece at the end of the flute
  • It's very easy, just like blowing a recorder
  • It doesn't require a lot of air, even less than most tin whistles
  • The whistle is played in front of you, it's very comfortable to hold
  • It's suited for all hand sizes

The musical possibilities

  • You can play in various keys
  • You can 'bend' notes by slowly sliding your finger off the fingerhole
  • The whistle has a reach of more than two octaves

Which keys are easy to play in?

On a tin whistle you can easily and comfortably play in the following keys:

Clarke Sweetone D:
D majeur - G majeur - B mineur - E mineur

It is possible to play in different keys as well, but you would have to use more 'half notes' by covering half of the hole with your finger.

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