• Soprano Recorder
    Soprano Recorder

    This soprano recorder is a great instrument for children and beginning flute players. It is made out of plastic, and the tuning and intonation is very accurate.

    Includes a bag and a finger sheet.

    € 9,95
  • Susato Oriole Pentacorder
    Susato Oriole Pentacorder

    The Susato Oriole Pentacorder is basically a pentatonic tin whistle. It has four fingerholes, and it plays five notes per octave. You can play in over two full octaves. It is great for improvising.

    € 34,95
  • Susato Oriole Four Winds Set
    Susato Oriole Four Winds Set

    This set includes one mouthpiece, which can be mounted to the following four included instruments. It also includes a stand and playing instructions.

    1. Pennywhistle 2. Pentacorder 3. Tabor-pipe 4. Recorder

    € 109,95

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