Standard Xaphoon (C) Pocket Sax - ABS

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The Maui Xaphoon, also known as the Pocket Sax is a relatively new instrument, invented by Brian Wittman in 1972. instrument is made in the USA It is concert tuned to the key of C.

How to play this flute

  • Just like a real saxophone, it uses a mouthpiece with a reed
  • You need to shape your mouth in a specific way (embouchure) to create sound
  • Put your upper teeth on the mouthpiece, and softly bite down
  • Fold your lower lip over your bottom teeth
  • Blow with an open throat into the mouthpiece
  • This flute has eight fingerholes on top, and a backhole.

The musical possibilities

  • Easily plays in C major, F major, A minor and D minor
  • The instrument is chromatic, so you can play all notes
  • It has a reach of more than 1.5 octaves

This flute comes with a box and a booklet to help you get started with the Xaphoon.

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