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This particular Bansuri flute has been made by hand out of carefully selected bamboo. The flute was made in India by a master flutemaker. It is played in a similar way to the western concert flute. It's held horizontally and blown from the side. If you've never played such a flute before, it will take some practice to get it right.

It has six finger holes on top. It's tuned to G and plays in the major and minor scale. The flute is 64 cm long and is suited for people with medium to large hands. You play the G note by covering the three top holes. When you close all holes you play a D note. Therefore, in the western world we could say the flute is actually tuned to D. In effect, you can play in G major as well as in D major.

To play in the major scale, start with either all holes closed, or with only the top 3 holes closed (this would be the Indian way of playing a major scale). To play in the minor scale, start with 5 closed, or with only 1 closed.

The flute comes with a shoulder bag.

How to play this flute?

  • Aim your airflow against the edge of the embouchure hole
  • This requires some practice and patience
  • The flute is held horizontally, this too requires some practice
  • There's 6 fingerholes on top, and no thumbhole on the back
  • Cover the holes with the pad of the fingers, not the fingertips

The musical possibilities

  • This flute allows you to play in major and minor scales
  • G major, D major, E minor, B minor
  • By half-covering holes you can also play tones outside of these scales
  • The flute has a reach of over 2 octaves

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