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This flute comes with a pouch, dimo papers and membrane glue.

The Dizi is a Chinese transverse flute, also known as the common Chinese bamboo flute, or the Chinese side-blown flute. It is widely used in many genres of Chinese folk music, Chinese opera and in modern Chinese orchestral music. It is played in a similar way to the western concert flute, as it is held horizontally and blown from the side. If this is new to you, it will require some practice and patience before getting a good sound.

This particular Dizi is made of bamboo. It has been made in Huzhou, in the east of China. This Dizi is available in various keys. If you're not looking for a Dizi in a specific key we recommend one in the key of C. On a western flute you would play the root note by covering all the holes, however, on a Dizi tuned to C major you would play a C note (the root note) by covering 3 holes.

Mo Kong: the Membrane

The Dizi is characterized by its unique sound, which is the result of a special extra hole that is found between the fingerholes and the blowing hole. This is called the Membrane, or the Mo Kong. This hole is covered by a thin piece of paper, called  'Di Mo'.

How to attach the Di Mo paper to the Membrane hole

You can attach the Dimo paper to the membrane hole with some of the special glue (both included). It is also possible (and even recommended for beginners) to just put a piece of tape over the Membrane hole instead of using Di Mo paper.

What's included?

  • Dizi flute in the key of your choice (C, D, F or G)
  • Dimo paper to put over the membrane hole
  • Special glue to put the Dimo paper on the membrane hole
  • Velvet bag

How to play this flute?

  • Aim your airflow against the edge of the embouchure hole
  • This requires some practice and patience
  • The flute is held horizontally, this too requires some practice
  • There's 6 fingerholes on top, and no thumbhole on the back
  • Cover the holes with the pad of the fingers, not the fingertips

The musical possibilities

  • This flute allows you to play in various keys
  • The flute has a reach of 2 octaves

Which keys are easy to play in?

On a Dizi you can easily and comfortably play in the following keys:

Dizi in C (recommended for beginners): 
C major - G major - A minor - E minor

Dizi in D (shorter and sounds higher than Dizi in C):
D major - A major - B minor- F# minor

Dizi in G (shorter and sounds higher than Dizi in D):
G major - D major - E minor- B minor

If you have any questions about the instrument, or about which key would suit you best, do not hestitate to send us an email. We will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible!

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Lare, Finland
Thank you for the beautiful shakuhachi. It just arrived, and I'm already playing some notes. Really enjoying it. ???? All the best from Finland

Luca, Italy
Dear fluteshop, I received my new Arabian flute. It sounds wonderful, enchanting!!

Thank you guys and thanks to Erik the flute maker

George, United Kingdom
I've received my spirit flute today ...

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