Hulusi (C) - Traditional Chinese Flute - Rosewood - Professional Quality

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The Hulusi is an easy to play traditional Chinese flute. The tone reminds us of the western Clarinet.

This Hulusi flute is made out of high quality rosewood. It has a total of 3 pipestwo of which are drone pipes. These drone pipes feature a mechanism which allows them to be opened or closed. When they are open they will sound a certain pitch, together with the middle pipe that has the fingerholes.

The notes you can play on a Hulusi in C are as follows: G A B C D E and high G. The highest drone is tuned to E, and the low drone is tuned to A. The Hulusi comes with a protective case.

How to play the Hulisi?

  • Blow at the end of the flute, it is fairly simple.
  • Try not to blow too soft or too loud, find the right intensity.
  • Hold it in front of you, like a recorder
  • Also suited for people with small hands

The musical possibilities

  • Play in various Chinese and Western keys and scales
  • 'Slide' notes by sliding your finger slowly off a hole. (This works really well on a Hulusi!)
  • 'Trills' by moving your finger up and down above a fingerhole quickly

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