SoundScape Native American Flute (A, G, F#) - Dark Stained Cedar

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The flute comes with an instructional manual, allowing you to become a good native flute player, even without any previous musical experience. Suited for beginners and veterans!

The SoundScape Native American flute is a handmade instrument, made in the North-East of America. The flute is easy to hold and play, and is therefore suited for beginners and people with smaller hands as well. 

The block on top of the flute is easily adjustable, allowing you to make minor changes in the sound and volume of the flute.

This particular model has been made out of Dark stained cedar wood, and is available in 3 different keys: A (the smallest and the one with the highest pitch), G (the one with the middle size), F# (the longest one with the lowest pitch). Each flute plays in the one minor pentatonic scale and one major pentatonic scale. 

Upon placing an order through or website, you can add a note. If you wish, you can write here if you want to receive a lighter or darker stain of the flute.

How to play this flute?

  • Blow into the end of the flute
  • This is very easy, you do not need any embouchure
  • It does not require a lot of air
  • It is easy to hold, you hold it in front of you like a recorder
  • It has six fingerholes on top, no holes in the back

The musical possibilities

  • Features an adjustable block to make changes in sound and volume
  • You can easily play in the minor pentatonic scale
  • Play in major pentatonic by starting on the second note (4 holes closed)
  • It is possible to play tones outside of these scales as well
  • Use half-holes (half cover the fingerhole) to do so
  • The flute has a reach of more than one octave

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Lare, Finland
Thank you for the beautiful shakuhachi. It just arrived, and I'm already playing some notes. Really enjoying it. ???? All the best from Finland

Luca, Italy
Dear fluteshop, I received my new Arabian flute. It sounds wonderful, enchanting!!

Thank you guys and thanks to Erik the flute maker

George, United Kingdom
I've received my spirit flute today ...

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