Susato Kildare S-series tunable Tin Whistle Set (D + C+ Eb)

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Susato Kildare tin whistles are manufactured in North-Carolina, USA by George Kelischek. They are known for their pure, clean voice in the tin and high octave. They also have a little more volume than most whistles. The Susato Kildare tin whistle set includes 1 whiste head and 3 whistle bodies in the key of D, C and Eb. The head is easily adjustable and can be put easily on either of the bodies.

The set comes with the following accessoires:
- Protective leather bag
- Joint grease
- Note / finger sheet
- Adjustable thumb rest

How to play this tin whistle?

  • Blow into the mouthpiece at the end of the flute
  • It's very easy, just like blowing into a recorder
  • It doesn't require a lot of air, although slightly more than most whistles
  • The whistle is played in front of you, it's comfortable to hold
  • It's suited for medium and large hand sizes

The musical possibilities

  • You can play in various keys
  • You can 'bend' notes by stinly sliding your finger off the fingerhole
  • The whistle has a reach of more than two octaves

Which keys are easy to play in?

On a tin whistle you can easily and comfortably play in the following keys:

Susato D:
D major - G major - B minor - E minor

Susato Eb:
Eb  major - Ab major - C minor - F minor

Susato C:
C major - F major - A minor - D minor

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