Mini Echo Amp + Microphone for Flutes

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Our latest addition! Add a beautiful echo / reverb effect to your playing, while also having the option to increase your volume! No delay is noticable. Simply put the microphone holder on your head, or hang it around your neck, and it will pick up the sound of your flute correctly.

Available with a wired microphone OR with a wireless bluetooth microphone. 

More details will follow shortly. Please also check out the full video of Stephanie's review of the amp above.

- Mini Echo Amp with adjustable Echo / Reverb knob
- Wired Microphone Headset or Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Headset (optional)
- Charger for European sockets (Type C. For USA / UK sockets, you may need an adapter)
- Remote controller
- Belt buckle
- Shoulder strap
- Instructions

Amp Features:
- Adjustable volume
- Adjustable echo / reverb
- Bluetooth mode (for example, pair your phone and play your favourite music!)
- FM mode (radio)
- Recording function
- USB slot (for saving recordings and playing music)
- SD card slot

Advantages / disadvantages of the wired version:
+ You do not have to charge the wired microphone
+ It's cheaper!
The microphone has slightly less volume than the wireless version (it's still good for playing alone)
- You must maintain within distance of the amp

Advantages / disadvantages of the wireless version:
+ No cable!
+ You can increase the distance between you and the amp
+ You can increase the volume, better for live playing in front of audiences
- You have to charge both the microphone and the receiver (USB charger included)
- More expensive
- More prone to feedback when you are too close to the amp

We recommend the wired version for people who want to play at home, and who do not mind a cable. The wireless version is better for people who want to venture outdoors with the device and perform in front of audiences.

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Lare, Finland
Thank you for the beautiful shakuhachi. It just arrived, and I'm already playing some notes. Really enjoying it. ???? All the best from Finland

Luca, Italy
Dear fluteshop, I received my new Arabian flute. It sounds wonderful, enchanting!!

Thank you guys and thanks to Erik the flute maker

George, United Kingdom
I've received my spirit flute today ...

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