Erik the Flutemaker Arabian Pennywhistle (C)

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This handmade whistle has been crafted by Erik the Flutemaker. The body is made of carbon fiber, a very strong material with excellent tonal properties, and the mouthpiece is the popular Susato ABS fipple. 

It is tuned to C. It plays in two exotic scales, one of which being the harmonic minor scale. Anything that you play on this whistle is bound to quickly become Arabic-sounding.

How to play this tin whistle?

  • Blow into the mouthpiece at the end of the flute
  • It's very easy, just like blowing a recorder
  • It doesn't require a lot of air like many wind instruments
  • It does require more air than the average tin whistle
  • The whistle is played in front of you, it's very comfortable to hold
  • It's suited for all hand sizes

The musical possibilities

  • You can play in two eastern-sounding keys
  • You can 'bend' notes by slowly sliding your finger off the fingerhole
  • The whistle has a reach of more than two octaves

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